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   A lighthearted endeavor into adult entertainment for free spirited junkies!

A Poetic & Unique Instrumental journey for those seeking an alternative to UR average POP songs (ie. music with a little provoking energy). And as such, there is a unwritten-law regarding these types of notes, they take a little time to grow into thee old musical palate.... 

 If UR into energetic EDM....

 If UR into concept-art ... into Blues....

 And just maybe, out of UR personal blues should there just happen to be a special song or memory that you'd like me to compose, please feel free to scratch it down on a

     Hundred Dollar Bill,

wrap it around an Ice cold import,

then ship it north all the way up to the                                                          

           Nights Watch....

That's West  Coast Pig Latin  Slang

for  Entertainment  Website.


 Higgledy  Piggledy

A Short & Quick Little Piano Vamp Playing Homage to that  Great All-American Institution

              the Quickie!!

Coming Soon!

The Infinite Fingerismings 

 WARNING! This video is not for the Epileptic!

       Popcorn Pixie

A song not  simple or short but  rather a energy way to eclectic for our A-typical Cry-baby wanker &

that  short attention span ... we skip  the subject of tune sniveling....

01 Popcorn PixieZ
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Crank this one up and hit full screen!

Oh! I forgot, its long been overrun, never mind!

The Humoresque Concerto

                             N ot a song to make love to.... 

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Hey one for you old timers! A quick

trip "Back To When Rock First Found Its Roll!"

Pompadour Rag!


Purr more hiss less....

The music scattered around this website has been described as Anti-rap, or opposite mainstream, or A Sleazy Twilight-Zone in notes! It's a journey into the cerebral unknown amongst that with is often times well known ... just follow each page from TOP to BOTTOM and the story will unfold. Keep an eye out for a future BEE!

 Should you aspire to explore and take this journey, each page has a song that is best Multi-tasked by listening while U Read down each page, the second listen might be suited for large headphones with eyes closed, and finally, like any artsy absorption digested along the way, there is always a whistling moment of truth....