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Hey! For a whopping no money at all for my production fund and no two-bits for the great plastic gods. You can check out my  feeble attempt at "Delta Old Style Swamp Blues." Acoustic blues combined with my out there video production skills. (That's making videos for less than  twenty bucks.) Plus there's a little musing going on in this video as well. I developed this song until I made the video then decided it just wasn't ringing my bell so I quite playing it and will never play it again. So any comments regarding this finally crafted artistic masterpiece can be kept to yourself as I'm no longer accepting constructive criticism through the portal of the digital realm....


You won't get there watching this bumbling video!

Blueberry Gimp Stomp

Blueberry Gimp Stomp

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If U can't be with the BUTT U love. Love the BUTT UR with!

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