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By keeping an eye out for that future BLOG....

The Atoms with no Passport.

Air Sleaziness defines A Wanker as the proverbial know-it-all Golf-Pro

with only one

BUTT cheek!

Ok every Now-&-Then you create a project that just  doesn't go anywhere and quite frankly ends up being stupid.  Here's the dumbest thing I've done, but hey, at least its short and to no point!!

When will all the


BUTTS of Humanity come to an end?  Right about the time a fast  food  hamburger costs 25 bucks  and is the size of a 50 cent coin. That growth to the dead end of economic

un-sustainability.  Keeping the profit margins intact by leaving to the great massive multitude of  brand new little BUTTS  -a starry-eyed  tragedy from the get go!