So the first thing this hat does is zap your upper body strength & stick-it in your legs. Then they put me into SLITHERING ! Later on I figured out why, they were Dogger Fans!

OK everyone needs to express themselves ever now and then. It's good for the soul. Keeps the world going round. Helps line up some stars, puts a smile or two on a face or two....

Due  to  the  popularity  and social  acceptance  of   TATTOOS  I  thought  I'd  offer  up  these photo/captions  as  a  alternative  for  your artsy  ink.  Take a close-up with your  smart  phone  and  take  it to  your  local  parlor.

 Hey!   Imagine  the  surprise when upon exploring  the  curves  of  new  territory  one were to come  across one  of  these  puppies  sprawled out  on  the  bliss  of  the  moment                                                                   eh!

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