Two brooms were hanging in the closet, and after they got to know each other a bit, decided to get married. The bride broom looked very beautiful in her white dress. The groom broom was very handsome and suave in his tuxedo. The wedding was lovely and attended by all manner of push brooms and dust mops.

After the wedding, at the wedding dinner, the bride broom leaned over and whispered to the groom broom, "We're soon going to have a little whisk broom!"

"Impossible!" said the groom broom, indignantly. "We haven't even swept together yet!!!"


Keep going U freak!

A  Kiss Brought To Wisdom


Sweet elicit empathy

touch as gambits chime

helpless contagions antipathy

shades a life in scrutiny time


To love someone

calm casual without decay

order forms from chaos they say

sunning warmth along windless days


lips of magnets cast in fun

sanctity on each moments pixie

counting down tow points of one

breath to breathing past sixty


Eyes to vision anything

calm casual without decay

defined execute of planned ways

deserves of mind each peaceful day


colors smoothing evening ties

one wish on two little nestles

hunger through eye lines try

silent memories lost and fickle


To balance emotions somewhere

on scales of matter through time

erupting vengeance verse blissful rhyme

each kiss is a bell to chime!

This one costs 45 bucks to make