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feel IT?

Ghostly Strings of Probability mp3Sleazy Z
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                  Skipping a Few Thoughts Across the Pond


Flashback bye

pagan kneeling to his king

earliest memory empathy strode

beat open Tom run Tom sing

empirical breakdown bulwark load





Hi Ho silver

she dwelt among the untrodden noose

wading East to orient in loves way

lone impetus turn genesis up-loose

Orion rests whittling eminent’s play





Reflecting sway

one day fitful fixation spit lone cover

cupidities bird feather lost wheedling wonder

facilitates the flow thus insidious blunder

autistic epigone rudiments spin in a picker





Tosses the twig

finally alas tuned up 440’s leaf

counting scientific miracles terse rhymes

reciprocal felicity signs utopia deaf

bells ringing theurgys natural chimes





Turns his head

upstream a moth hovers boiling hot

kneels to palm a Snup venerate smurf

aesthetic dreams good thoughts a pond

won’t kill all the animals on EartH!



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